Yuan’s Internship Experience

Yuan’s Internship Experience

My time at CapitalBay has been both challenging and rewarding, and not in ways you might think. Fintech is niche, especially in a developing economy like Malaysia, so there’s very little you know when you first walk through the doors. The first few days and weeks are slow – the learning curve is steep, especially for someone inexperienced (like me). Some words and acronyms seemed alien to me when I first started – it was like being inducted into a cult which no one on the outside could understand.


Yet, one of the great parts of working at a startup is the small and intimate team. If I had a problem, I could always go to the COO or CEO. We worked together. Our marketing, sales, tech and business development weren’t separate entities, but a small group of individuals working together towards a shared goal. We all did a little bit of everything.


Personally, my work involved helping our CEO and COO directly, helping with their day to day where and when I could. In my month-long internship, I prepared decks on our competitors, proofread business plans and wrote minutes for meetings. It was the real world; I did work I didn’t like sometimes. But it was OK, I saw everything as a learning experience in this novel new world.


But that’s not all. My days were also filled with weekly trips to the cinema, inside jokes and surprise birthday parties with hidden chocolate cake. Our team ate lunch together most days. We told jokes, played pranks and had secret nicknames. (Hint: it was Star Wars related) It was ‘work,’ but it was ringed with a sense of purpose and playfulness.


CapitalBay isn’t just a team; we’re also a family. I’ll remember my time with CapitalBay fondly. And I know they’ll think of me in the same way, as I move towards university and the working world.


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