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Unlock Cash Flow

Cash flow is the lifeblood of every business. Through our sell-side financing solutions, you – The SME Seller – can now take control of when you want to get paid and get immediate working capital that you can use to pay for important expenses or do more business. This section covers the common cash flow problems faced by business owners and our accompanying short-term business financing products to help you finance rapid growth smarter without accumulating debts.

Indicative Financing Rates

0.8 – 1.5% per month


1 – 6 Months

Financing Amount

5K – 2.5M (MYR)

Cash Flow Problems

Waiting to get paid

Can’t afford to wait up to 30, 60 or 90 days to get paid by your corporate customers? Need to pay your suppliers, employees or other business expenses but can’t? No one is immune to cash flow problems.


The problem of untimely inflow of cash to meet outflow is compounded over time. SME Sellers lose out on business opportunities to capture. The cost of chasing payment may sour business relationships with their biggest clients.


On average, SME Sellers get paid only 48 days later, while some wait up to 90 days. This presents a clear cash flow struggle.

Seller Side Financing

aka Receivables Finance

Collect Cash Now

Your current payment terms don’t have to stay as it is. We offer a range of working capital solutions that are designed to cater for the needs of growing Malaysian businesses. We offer seller side financing solutions such as invoice financing or factoring to help you unlock cash flow trapped in this cycle.

Be Flexible

Drawdown only when you need it and pay only when you use the facility. This suits your cash flow requirements and allows for flexible forecasting.

Go Digital

Complete your financing application online with ongoing drawdowns just clicks away.

Get Control

Empowers you to gain control of your cash flow. Settlements can be securely done anytime, anywhere.

See Results

Our approval rate is higher because unlike traditional lenders, we approve your financing application based on your purchase orders, invoices or contracts. No collateral required by the way.



Turn your outstanding invoices into cash.


Aside from accelerating your revenues and growing your business, an invoice financing line:


  • is available to small business that have no credit history
  • provides you with money quickly, as fast as 24 hours
  • is easier to get than business loans
  • can be set up quickly, as fast as 3 days


Rates are based on transaction parameters, including:


  • trade history with the company paying the invoice
  • credit quality of the company paying the invoice


To qualify for Invoice Financing, your company must:


  • have invoices that are not encumbered by liens


Receive a cash advance against a signed contract. This is the availability of working capital prior to Corporate or Government customers’ payment to a contractor before the acceptance of goods or services by the customer.


The organization that awarded the contract will make payments into the nominated account according to the notice of assignment. The funder provides financing to you based on the future cash flows from the contract.


Aside from monetizing a contract you’ve already started or even one you’re still negotiating in, our contract financing line:


  • requires no collateral
  • enables you to receive an immediate lump sum infusion
  • has no restriction on the use of funds, you can assign it to whichever aspect of the operation it is most needed
  • can be set up quickly, as fast as 3 days


Rates are based on transaction parameters, including:


  • the credit quality of your clients
  • the total value of the contract
  • your track record in fulfilling contractual obligations


To qualify for contract financing, your company must:


  • have a signed contract with a clear schedule of milestones and payments
  • have a signed contract from reputable commercial company or tender award document from the government
  • evidence of ability to fulfill contractual obligations

The CapitalBay Advantage


Fast Funding

Quick funding decision and set-up


Straightforward Costs

No hidden charges. Know all costs upfront and pay upon use only


Hassle Free

Simple, paperless and easy to use digital interface. Personal customer support is given


Simple, fast, flexible and all digital


Fill Online Form

Fill in the online application form in less than 10 minutes


Upload Documents

Upload invoices automatically online onto our platform. Select invoices to finance in exchange for a small discount


Get Approved

Money will be in your account once the necessary approvals are obtained. Any reserve amounts will be paid later

*The processing time assumes timely submission of required information and documents by the customer as well as an average document verification timeline.


You are eligible for CapitalBay’s business financing products if you:
  1. Are a Malaysian registered company and preferably has operated more than one year
  2. Have commercial or government customers
  3. Have reputable or creditworthy customers

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