Rachel’s Internship Experience

Rachel’s Internship Experience

My internship experience at CapitalBay taught me more than I initially expected. Coming into a fairly new company with not much information as to what a fintech company is probably played a large factor.

The beginning

I entered CapitalBay as a legal intern but I learned much more than that. The team is a close-knit group of individuals that work well alone, and even better together. A lot can be done when things go wrong and no one takes things too personally, instead the team is quick to help out where they can. I learned most importantly that teamwork and working efficiently is essential in performing well with results that can bring the best yield.

The only problem I had with CapitalBay was around the start of my internship when I was almost clueless about what CapitalBay truly offered as a commercial entity, and I was given pages upon pages of documents to understand myself what the processes, structures, and flow were like. The positive side to that is I learn to pick things up on my own, being sharp to how my colleagues worked in the office and asking questions every time I was unsure.

A team experience

Besides just working, the team at CapitalBay is also fun in the sense that we also have team building time outside of the office where we take some time off together to bond as a team, which ultimately encourages greater teamwork once the business clock starts ticking again.

Finally, one of the greatest advantages of being a part of the CapitalBay team is probably the leaders/founders of the business who are necessarily firm, but also understanding and democratic in dealing with the employees, including interns. They offer many opportunities to learn new things with guidance when needed. Facilities wise, everything is great because the toilets are clean, there is a gym available for use in the building, parking is free, and there is a variety of good food around.

I would definitely recommend anyone interested in applying for an internship experience to give CapitalBay a shot. It will be an experience they won’t regret.

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