Join Institutional Funders Earning Solid Returns by Financing Growing Businesses

You and I, as Retail Investors can too start to invest and be part of their exciting growth stories

Invest Alongside Banks

Access high quality financing deals available to financial institutions. CapitalBay leverages on leading technology for its proprietary borrower risk scoring model. Since its launch, CapitalBay's data-driven approach has kept its default rate near 0%

Safe Asset Class with Short Tenure

Supply Chain Finance assets are inherently attractive to investors as the transactions are short term, self-liquidating and trade-related. Invest and earn up to 14% p.a. stable returns on this new and safe asset class in Malaysia

Easy to Diversify

Diversify across financing note types, originators and sectors. Reduce the impact of any single note loss, earn great returns and be independent of market volatility
Why CapitalBay

Solid Track Record

Since starting operations in Q4 2017, CapitalBay has financed 2,000 B2B transactions worth over RM 90 million with no loan loss

Transparent & Trustworthy

Your investment funds are held in Investor Trust Account managed by Malaysian Trustees Berhad (MTB), a licensed trust company in Malaysia

Strong Borrower Screening

Every borrower at CapitalBay goes through a strong screening process of over 2,000 data points through our proprietary risk algorithms
How It Works