What Is Invoice Financing

Are you always waiting for payments on remaining invoices? This is an extremely common problem faced by SMEs and it often impacts your business cash flow.

Due to tight cash flow, this limits your chances to grow your business. You may then need to look for financing. However, financing products available in the market may be unattainable due to cost issues or rigid credit assessment.

CapitalBay provides invoice financing and this might be your perfect financing option!

Invoice financing allows you to collect your receivables early, turning your credit sales in cash sales within a few days!

  • No upfront fee.
  • No collateral required.
  • Approval as fast as 3 days.
  • Cost of financing as low as 0.7% per month.
Why CapitalBay

No Collateral

  • Banks and other financial institutions typically require this, and we don’t.
  • We only require a personal guarantee in general instead of collateral.


  • Pick and choose whichever invoices you want to finance and when.
  • Choose to pay off your financing anytime. No early payment penalty.

Faster & Simpler

  • Application is digital, with fewer documents required compared to other financing providers.
  • Approval time is as fast as 3 days for all requests.

Industry Agnostic

  • Most factoring companies only finance government projects.
  • We are happy to finance all industries.

No Upfront fees

  • There is no legal fees, stamp duties, application fees, commitment fees or handling fees.
  • No hidden charges on our platform and services.

Digital Platform

  • Simple & easy to use dashboard.
  • View status and manage all your invoices through our digital platform.

You and your customer are Malaysian registered businesses.

You have been in operation for 1 year

You are supplying to mid-to-large companies.

You have invoices between RM 5,000 to RM2.5m.

How It Works
Speak to Our Specialist

Not sure which financing product is suitable for you?

Speak to Us. Our friendly cash flow specialist will advise you based on your financing needs.

Refer a Business

Earn Upsized referral bonus of RM300 RM1,000

*limited time only until end of October 2019!
Do you know someone who could benefit from CapitalBay’s financing program? Simply get a new business to come onboard and we’ll reward you. We will also be giving out an additional bonus of RM2,000 if you successfully refer at least 3 businesses by October 2019.
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  • A friendly expert will reach out to the referred person to see if CapitalBay is a good fit
  • You’ll be rewarded with RM300 RM1,000 for every successful referral
  • Malaysian registered company;
  • At least 1 year in operation;
  • Have mid-to-large corporate customers; and
  • Not in liquidation or insolvent.