Building to solve a fundamental gap in finance

Welcome to endless Supply Chain Finance opportunities with our Multi-Bank solution

Our focus is to help responsible corporations optimise their working capital and provide businesses real-time technology to collaborate with a wider network of financial institutions to access financing opportunities, with a click of a button

How We Started

In 2016, we got together and realised that SMEs were facing the biggest difficulty over the past 3 years.

Large corporations extend payment terms to preserve cash flow but Suppliers face difficulties in raising more cash to finance the payment term extension.

After months of discussion with banks and regulators, CapitalBay was founded to solve the issue using a Multi-Bank Supply Chain Finance platform

Our Purpose

As a team, we are committed to helping our partners realise their full potential in implementing supply chain finance

1Results, not Reports
CapitalBay was founded on the guiding principles to provide exponential value, not just reports - our solutions serve your business community. Our potential expands to delivering sustainable and highly scalable results - financially, socially, and economically
2Putting money where our mouth is
We engage in 'tied economics' arrangements with our clients that allows us to better align our financial incentives with our clients' outcome. Our people are passionate about creating bottom line results with our clients and our collaboration process is where the magic begins
3Collaborative principles
Binding traditional consultancy with new-age strategic leadership, CapitalBay's relationships with our clients grow beyond the typical handover stage of any project. We value our clients' trust and capital objectives, that is why we continuously work together to grow your results
4Next generation banking and financial tools
Redefining business solutions goes beyond traditional banking infrastructures, abiding to their rules, and risk and administrative policies. At CapitalBay, we only hire the best to help our clients stay ahead of the digitally disruptive world and leverage on the best-in-class tools to beat their competition
5Advanced Analytics, with financial objectives
Data can be complex to manage. At CapitalBay, we only present the most valuable business insights to help your business take greater advantage of the financial opportunities on our platform. We help our clients Simplify, Measure and Deliver
6Results Delivery and Inspire Success
More than 70% of the major change efforts typically fail. CapitalBay's approach to realising results is our difference factor in helping clients overcome the odds. Our approach to results delivery focuses on predicting, visualising, measuring and managing risks associated with the change from day one. The result: increasing the odds of success together with the support of CapitalBay's experts and dedicated partners within the client's organization focused on achieving it
7All Inclusive Solution
CapitalBay is not your ordinary FinTech startup. We bring a wealth of leadership and consultancy experience as well as our collaborative process to work with Buyers and Suppliers to maximise our efforts towards their goals from the bottom-up

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